another day at the cloffice.

somehow, i managed to pull my groin and something in both hips while working in my cloffice.  i tried to hang some things by standing on a stack of about five chairs, when my principal walked in and shouted, "you're going to kill yourself".  well, that obviously startled me and then, you know how when you feel like you're going to fall and you over-correct and try to compensate and everything goes tense?....and then you feel a pull?  that's what happened.  so, i blame it on my principal.  workman's comp?

i'm pretty well finished with getting everything put back together to start the year...minus making folders, data sheets, a schedule, schedule notifications and reading new IEPs [yikes].

here is my room last year.  i didn't have as much time or energy to spice it up last year.  we opened a brand new school and i was new to the district.  so it was just ok.
i'm sharing a room again this year.  the other slp and i shared last year, but she got her own space this time around [fine with me, she's been around longer].  so, this year, in the back half of my room is the instructional assistant to the essential skills sped teacher [the back half of our room connects to her room].  it works.  with prop 3 passing in april, the possibility of having my own cloffice next year looks pretty promising!  here's what's new:

a bulletin board

a first day activity.  everyone will get an owl on which they will write a bit about themselves.  the owls will obviously go on the tree.

birthdays, signs, concepts... 
[the orientation of the room doesn't really allow me to use the white board for its intended purpose.  oh well.]

notice the rosie the riveter poster.  my fav!

and...the balls.  a bigger version of these. 

i'm pretty big on the feng shui of a space.  i have to feel good about it or i get anxious.  let's hope this gets me through the year!   t minus one week...


  1. when i first read cloffice, i thought office in a closet {that what i called my old office closet} but i like this classroom much better! it looks great!


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