open your heart.

today is my mom's 56th birthday | long story short, i ordered something on etsy and then something happened to the person who had the shop and the gift wasn't going to be completed for a few weeks.  obviously, that would be really late.  so, instead of working that out...i just decided to make something similar on my own at the painted zebra [a paint.your.own.pottery place].  i actually kind of like this idea better.  mom gets something made by moi and i get a little no thinking time.  i love the painted zebra.  i'm not sure why i didn't think of this in the first place.

needless.to.say, the gift will still be late.  that's okay though...

if you know my mom even a little, you might know her phrases "love your hair, hope you win" and "open your heart".  i really can't explain them but she says them pretty dern regularly.  so.  i've already made her a coffee mug with "love your hair" on it and my idea was to make her a catch all/trinket/jewelry holder that says "open your heart".  so that's what i did.

dish | light gray
writing | black 
dots | black, gray and green


  1. i love this....happy birthday to your mom! and that dish is beautiful girl! LOVES!

  2. oh- i love this! happy birthday to her!


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