behind the name

what's in a name?  a lot, i guess...because have you ever googled "blog names"?  there are name generators out there.  this name came to me in the shower [i think i think a lot in the shower].  to me, it has a few meanings:
  • i'm a menz, but i'm rather new at it...not even two i'm a "menz in the making" *wink*
  • i'm "making ammends" with a few things in life and i don't think that's something that ever really ends.  so...a little play on words, if you will.
  • and its most literal form...making a menz.  a little life.  period.
i do realize there is another person who may be impacted by this blog.  and i made sure it was okay with jake.  he gave me his blessing [after he gave me a few conditions].

disclaimer: you're not going to see anything fancy.  i don't have a real great camera; in fact, it's a known fact that i can't keep a camera longer than nine six months.  you'll probably see some blackberry photos.  it's just me and my mac book [which i purchased to "write my graduate research paper" back when].  i hope it holds out for me.  oh and i'm typically typing on my blackberry, which auto corrects spelling errors and auto inputs punctuation and caps.  ...if that explains anything.

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    1. I have enjoyed reading your blog very much this morning. Thinking of you, the beautiful work you do, which I admire very much, and your wish to make a menz :) Wishing you the absolute best!


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