the results are in.

progesterone was higher...not perfect high, but higher.  doc wants me to start charting my temperature and to take prometrium [progesterone supplement] when i detect ov.  so...it's not exactly the here's the definite answer & here's the definite plan i was hoping for.  but it's a start and i guess, technically, it is a plan...isn't it?  truth be told, i probably won't be totally satisfied until i actually have a little one in my arms.  i just have to keep telling myself that it happened once, it can happen again.

honestly, i feel like my stress level really has something to do with my body being all out of wack.  maybe i need to start yoga or meditation...especially with school about to start!  yikes.



  1. That is always something to keep in your mind...it happened once and it will happen again. I think that is the most important thing to remember when going through something like this. It happened when we weren't "trying" like a lof of people said and I NEVER believed! I know it's hard not to think about trying though. Keep your head up and yay for getting one step closer!

  2. yes, it WILL happen again! two things you might be interested in: (1)restorative yoga - got me through the most difficult time i've ever faced. truely healing (but this depends on your instructor as well). (2) Taking charge of your fertility (it's a textbook looking book). it goes into depth about the fertility awareness method and gives a great explanation about why taking your temp (and a lot more) is helpful in knowing/determining your fertility. :)

  3. Jaime, I just bought that book. Someone suggested it to me a while back too and I just went to amazon to get buy it :) Thanks so much!

  4. This is good news! Relax and take it one day at a time, you are going to be an AMAZING mother! :)


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