when you follow way too many blogs, you come across lots of posts.  and this one made me want to copy.  besides, these days...i'm trying to focus on positives.  daily.

from etsy
things that are making me happy:

-the fact that i get to see this little stinker on thursday.
gardening gloves, shoes on wrong feet, tongue out.  love her.
-not only do i get to see that face, but i also get to see two cousins, two aunts, my grandma, my sister and my brother.in.law all at once.  they're coming in from california, michigan, florida and new york!

-jake working in a new division, starting monday.  a move that is the first step towards a nice promotion.  it does mean a week out of town soon though.  yikes! [but we're being positive, right?]

-school starting.  believe it or not.  i miss my kids and i'm kind of looking forward to having my routine again.  [this might not last].

-bachelor pad starting tomorrow.  
sad.  but.  true.

-my fur baby is back to normal.  and she always makes me happy.


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  1. Yeah for family time and Jake new division at work. I am counting down the hours to bachelor pad and remy is a doll. School does not excite me. I like my routine now at home ha. Miss u


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