awkward and awesome [and sick] thursday.

not a whole lot of new around here.  just drained from fighting off my first cold of the school year [it came on quick  - not even a week after the first day].


experiencing a cough attack during a meeting and being so far from the door through which to excuse myself.  the speaker had to refrain from talking until i left.

the fever blister that continues to linger, from last week's a & a...remember the talking stain?  these things are a curse!

not being able to spit out "speech language pathologist" as i introduced myself to a parent...actually, that's more ironic than awkward.

having a drunk guy ask me what i do and then say, "i need therapy when i'm drunk"...if i had a dime for every time i heard that.

being flipped off by a 1st grader.  she barely has any expressive language, but she sure picks up signs well.

being asked three times to be fb friends with someone.  did they forget they asked or are they really this persistent?  or are they just trying to prove a point now?

the glare i gave to the lady at schnuck's who didn't have one nice thing to say to the pharmacist about being pregnant [if it isn't the back pain, it's the peeing and if it isn't that - it's the sweating... she went on and on].  i'd kill to be in your shoes, lady.  if you only knew.

the gag face i make when downing cough syrup...or gargling salt water.  i can't do it.

my three.year.old niece's length.  she sure didn't get it from our side.

my new ipod and its pedometer.  i walked over 4000 steps today.

my birthday spending money.  can you say shopping spree?

having a full hour of plan time first thing in the morning.

seeing a student sign more,please and ready for the first time [not the same student who used the inappropriate sign].


that's about it.  like i said, not much going on here.  cd...25, i think?  trying not to be too crazy and remember, jake was out of town during the time my doc "suspects" ov.  immaculate conception?  a girl can dream.

thinking of starting vitex but not sure its advised to take vitex while on prometrium.  need to call doc.  if that's the case...torn.  part of me wants to try the vitex [natural] route, which is known to regulate progesterone production.  but prometrium isn't synthetic.  but what if the vitex would work?  now, i'm rambling...but that's my current thought process.


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  1. I can relate to feeling conflicted. But I took Prometrium for a few luteal phases and HATED the way it made me feel. Lots of side effects. I've been taking Vitex for over a week now with zero side effects. Only time will tell though... I've also started reading the Making Babies book. HIGHLY recommend. I can hardly put it down. Really focuses on getting your body to the right place in the most natural way possible. Dr David and Jill talk about Vitex and raspberry leaf in the book! It covers just about everything you'd want to know about.


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