post share & quick grammy trip.

i had to share this post that i came across.  
she said everything so well and it made me cry...good tears.


in other news...my mom came to visit from ny!  the trip was short and i had to work, but let's be honest...she came to see drew.  grammy got to babysit for three whole days and, while we think little pickle might be teething (that's a whole other post), they had so much fun!

our "thanksgiving" dinner out.
grammy overfed my child. 
we miss you, grammy.  see you in march.

**while i'm at it though...please give me any teething tips you may have!  jeepers!



on work and breastfeeding.

work | i wanted to get some real time under my belt before blogging about my feelings of being a working mom.  in a nutshell, it isn't as bad as i thought it would be.  day 1 definitely had me more anxious than anything.  i have been prioritizing and balancing things pretty well and it's definitely doable.  now...those weeks when jake is out of town [for work] and i'm working and taking care of a wee one are kind of tricky but we make do because we have to.  i have some great family who constantly offer help and a dad who will cook me a steak dinner on a tuesday just because jake's gone!  my sitter friend takes care of drew like she does her own and i have winter/spring and summers breaks to look forward to.  do i miss her?  terribly.  but a schedule that changes on the half hour, makes for a busy and quick day.


breastfeeding | the first week she was born, i actually said to myself, "if i make it a month i will be proud".  now...i have to say i'm loving it.  is pumping at work twice a day a little taxing?  yes.  but here are some benefits i've found [aside from the normal/obvious ones].

-- while it is time consuming, i get to "check out" for 15 min. two times a day and check facebook.pinterest.instagram have a little time to myself [thankfully, right now, my schedule allows this]
-- i get to hang with my tiny lady while jake does other things like dishes and laundry, you know...because "i'm tied up at the moment"
-- i get to be the last to kiss her goodnight
-- if when she gets up anywhere from 3-5 am, there are no bottles to be made as i sleep walk to her room
-- easy on the wallet
-- easy on the waistline [i may nurse forever for this reason alone, as i still eat like i'm pregnant]
-- i have an excuse to eat an extra 500 calories a day

my happy little pickle butt.



the world according to drew | month 5

no doc appt this month but daddy weighed me and i'm about 11 lbs. 6 oz.
i still wear 0-3 clothes and some newborn pants (believe it or not) 
i wear size 1 diapers (we actually really like target brand)
i roll all over the place, back.to.belly and belly.to.back!
everything goes in my mouth
i sleep roughly from 8-6...roughly
i'm eating oatmeal cereal and loving it
i am still nursing
i take 5 oz. every 3-5 hours
i giggled for the first time this week
my arms aren't swaddled any more but my feet still are
i roll on my side to sleep, most of the time
i'm pretty content and smiley
my eyes are changing a bit to be more hazel
still have red hair and lots of it
i kick my legs like a bucking bronco
i'm into taking a paci again (mommy thanks me)
i have a fiery little squeal if i'm kinda ticked off (must be the red hair)

in related news...
before and after shots from our first cereal.  10/23/12
her first wedding.  jake's bff, steve.
just modeling a little head band by spoiled n sweet bowtique for glory photography.
we sort of dressed up for halloween.
  i will leave you with this one.  it's hard to believe how much has changed since month one.  she's still eensie weensie but she was just so tiny with no meat on those little bones.  yay for rolls!

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