calling all card keepers.

if you're anything like me, you might save a card...or 72.  birthday cards, thank you cards, sympathy cards, etc.  my pal [the one who suggested i journal] received a christmas card.card ball ornament as a gift and learned how to do it herself from this website.  she didn't use christmas cards, and she has them sitting in a vase on display.  i loved the idea of doing something with all my cards that i could look at every day.

{the website wasn't completely useful in explaining exactly how to do this...there is geomentry involved.  so here are my directions}.  thanks for the idea, audrey!

card ball making: for idiots | had i known i would be blogging, i would have taken step by step pictures.

1.  pick your cards
2.  find something circular, trace it on the parts of the cards that you would like to have on your ball.
3.  you need 20 circles of the same size [audrey suggested a circle cutter, but i'm too cheap to buy one so i cut them out by hand...it took more time but worked just fine].  side note: if you're into compasses, that could be handy too.
4.  geometry: you need to trace an equilateral triangle on the non pretty side of each circle.  i googled about it...tweeted about it and then came across this.
5.  so trace the circle on card stock, cut it out and then trace it on the back of each circle.
6.  fold on each line of the triangle so that the pretty sides are folded towards each other.
7.  next, use clear-drying craft glue to join one flap each from two circles [triangles should point in the same direction].
8.  using the same technique, attach the flaps of three more circles to these two, forming what will be the top. make the bottom in the same way.
 top/bottom section
9.  glue remaining 10 circles together, this time with triangle points alternating up and down, forming a straight line. glue the two end flaps to form a ring; this will be the middle section.
10.  finally, glue the top and bottom to the center ring and voila!.
to vary ball size...vary circle size
*picture these balls on a larger scale, made with colored card stock!!!  i'm going to make some to hang in my cloffice [classroom/office].  stay tuned...i'm gonna need a compass this time!

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  1. You make me laugh:). I love the cloffice!!!!!' hilarious.


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