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i can't explain how great blogging has been for me.  for a few years, i always said that i would like to start a blog but it's one of those things i just never got around to doing.  i had always followed young.house.love and would click here and there to some other blogs, but that was pretty much it.  then, during a rough patch, a friend suggested that i journal... and i thought "maybe now is a good time to start that blog".  so i did.

it's fun to make connections with people you wouldn't necessarily correspond with in life.  it's nice to hear validating remarks.  it's therapeutic to type out your thoughts.  it's yet another "social media-ish" thing to pass the time.  you start on one blog and then you click and click and click onto the next.  then, before you know it, you've laughed, cried, connected and pondered all in one sitting...love it.

so, abbey at life treasured...my friend who is awaiting identical triplets...nominated me for the versatile blogger award.  

yay...fun!  thank you, abbey!

 here are the rules:
  • thank the award-giver and provide a link back to their blog
  • tell your readers seven things about yourself
  • give the award to up to 15 recently discovered bloggers
  • contact those bloggers to tell them the exciting news

seven fun [or maybe random] facts:

1.  i was born in san bernardino, california.  my dad was in the air force and was stationed at norton air force base.  a few years later we moved to marquette, michigan.  wayyyyy up there in the upper peninsula, yah.  so much snow.  so much.  we lived there until i was six...when we moved to missouri.

2.  i dated a boy from middle school to junior year of college, until i met jake, who opened up my eyes.  i thought i had life all planned out ...and then it got way better.

3.  the first time i saw jake, was when his fraternity made him [and his pledge brothers] serenade our sorority.  his whole pledge class sang "milkshake" by kelis.  and jake...well, he did a little jig.dance all by himself as my sorority sisters and i lined the steps in the foyer.  he had a mop for hair and two left feet and it was too cute.  from then on...his nickname was milkshake.  and we made jake reenact it at our reception.

3.  in highschool, i was cheerleading captain and homecoming queen.  just about as stereotypical as it gets.
please note the sweet socks.

4.  when i get stressed or anxious my blood pressure rises to that of a 57 year old obese man.  i turn blotchy red and get a head ache.  believe it or not, deep breathing helps.

5.  when we were little, my mom used to give my brother, sister and me back scratches every night.  sucks for jake because i still love them.  i'd rather have a back scratch than a massage, and bless his heart, jake gives me one anytime i ask.

6.  i've never broken a bone or gotten stitches.  i play life pretty safe.  knock. on. wood.

7.  as a child, i had the craziest hair with approximately 17 cowlicks [that, today, look like bald spots if styled the wrong way].  my parents tried everything to tame it.
not even the most talented of hair dressers could cut my bangs straight.  my cowlicks ate their scissors.
and now it's my turn.  i am nominating the ladies below for the versatile blogger award.


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  1. By the way, your niece has inherited some of those lovely cowlicks :-/


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