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what a crazy couple of days.  fam left sunday and today :(  i hate to say goodbye.

emma is getting so so so big and i swear, she's the smartest.  really.  granted, i am surrounded by kiddos with delayed communication skills daily, but i really do think she's a genius.  maybe it's because she has her parents' undivided attention, maybe because my sister doesn't talk "baby" to her, maybe because she's been in school since she was a wee one.  she perfectly articulates words like burglar, delicious, refrigerator and magnificent.  she can even annunciate "r" appropriately.  she expresses analogies, she uses and understands abstract concepts....i'm rambling. 
...she said to my sister, "mama i'm going to miss aunt lyndsay" as they left today :(

what else...school.  school began today, although i didn't pull kids.  i spent seven hours making my schedule.  seven....actually probably more like 6.  after waiting on the schedules of the other sped team [we're low on the totem pole so we are at the mercy of everyone else].  i took 30 minutes for lunch, popped into see a few kiddos and finally finished right at 3.  oh my dear, is that stressful.  i will spare you the details.

other things...for anyone who has read taking charge of your fertility or anyone who is charting or at all in interested, my sister turned me onto this website...the beautiful cervix project.  very interesting and very educational..warning: graphic though [the site name says it all].

no hubby.  jake is in baltimore all week for a training.  all week until friday!!  this has never happened.  and while i'm creeped out by being home alone, and missed him coming home tonight at 6...i'm going to take advantage of being a single lady for the week.  [and how sweet is it that my s.i.l. and b.i.l. have invited me for dinner tuesday].  here are some things i plan to do [or not do] this week, that jake would never let fly:
  • leave dirty dishes in the sink because i'm not quite ready to unload the clean dishes
  • sleep in the middle of the bed [maybe with remy]
  • not make the bed
  • leave my makeup and straightener on the bathroom counter [alllll week]
  • turn the ac up at night so i don't have to wear socks to bed!
  • leave my clothes on the bed
okay so we'll see how many of those i actually do [since jake is rubbing off on me], but...

happy week to all.


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  1. Sleeping in the middle of the bed is the absolute best. Enjoy. I love the positive :)


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