whining about weaning

i've said it before and i will say it again...

when i began my breastfeeding journey, never did i ever believe that i would make it to almost 7 1/2 months.  we had our fair share of bumps in the road at the beginning, but then practice made perfect and somewhere between 10 - 12 weeks...i couldn't have imagined it any other way.  i even made it work when i went back to work!

welp.  somewhere around 4 months, aunt flow came back to visit me monthly and the supply dropped a bit, especially when she was in town.  not only that, but little bits would get impatient waiting for it to let down.  i changed my diet a bit, hydrated and took supplements...which helped and we figured out how to get through the "dry spells"... if you will.  starting solids at 5 months helped out too.  i wasn't ready to be done and i don't think drew was either.

cut to about 6 months.  i still nursed as long as i was with her, but in the evenings the well was dry and she had a hard time going to sleep because she was still hungry.  so - i made the choice to nurse for a bit and then top her off with a bottle (1/2 formula, 1/2 breastmilk).  the result?  a little sleep machine.  she goes down no problem and she sleeps 12 hours.  this is big because this itty bitty girl has never been a champ in the sleep department.

so here's where i am today.  i nurse every morning and she seems to have plenty.  i feel "full" and she heads off to the sitter satisfied.  i pump twice a day at work (which...omg...is getting to be quite the chore) and it almost isn't even worth it.  depending on the day, i might....might get 6-8 oz. total.  but, guys...i'm still not ready to be done.

i love having that time in the morning.
i love how she loves to just chill or doze off on the boppy when she's done and full.
i love how she brushes my face.
i love how it was the best and easiest diet ever...
i love how it's free.
i love knowing she's getting the best of the best.
and i am n.o.t. looking forward to letting things "dry up"...ouch!

so here's my question.  nursing pretty much once a day (during the week) is better than nothing right?  and should i just not pump at work?  would that up the supply in the evening?  or is it better to pump frequently to keep it up?  i'm at a bit of a crossroads....hmmmm.  so that's why i'm whining.  weaning?  i don't wanna!!!!!  help wanted.

just love her.
let's chat.



the world according to drew | month 7

things are getting fun around here and i know there are so many exciting things to come!!

the world according to drew
i weigh 13 lbs. 'ish
i can wear size 1 or 2 diapers
i wear 0-3 pants and tops, and 3-6 sleepers
i am constantly doing a waving motion with my hands
i sleep from about 7:15 to 6ish
i nurse when i'm with mom or eat 6 oz. bottles
i eat solids/cereal twice a day
my favorites are: sweet potatoes, hummus and carrots
i'm not sold on fruits (unless it's bananas)
i am a pro at manipulating my paci and finding it in my crib at night
i don't have any teeth although i act like i might be on the verge
i shout to get attention
i love love love my play remote
i sit up for real
i still love the exersaucer and jumper
i enjoy standing
i smile when daddy gets home
i love to go back to sleep with mommy and daddy some mornings
i have a new obsession with remy and the feeling is mutual
i can don a pebbles pony
but i'm still bald as a bum in the back



lucky '13.

goodbye 2012.
hello 2013?
that's seems unreal.
it makes me never want to wish time away, ever again.
no wishing that that sleepless night would be over.
no wishing that she could just sit up in the cart at target.
no wishing that she could just have a conversation with me.
instead, i really want to relish in each moment and phase for what it is.
because, pretty soon...i'll want to be back here.

2012 was the year we became three.  it was the year that jake got a promotion.  it was the year that jake began to travel for work.  it was the year my niece went to kindergarten, our nephew turned one and we learned that we'd have another nephew!

13 has always been my number.  maybe because i like to be different and think of it as lucky, as opposed to unlucky.  so that's what i'm thinking this year will bring.  great luck.  and if not luck, even more happiness than we know what to do with.

happy new year.

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