birthday month.

in 19 days i will be 27 | kinda scary, because that's no longer "mid-twenties".  that is well into the "late-twenties".  and not that jake has asked, but i've been thinking a little about birthday ideas ;). 

knowing him, i probably won't be getting anything because of the girls trip i took to cabo in march with my in.laws. 
christmas, birthday, anniversary, valentine's day and pretty much every holiday rolled into one.  but worth it.
somehow, that trip continues to loom over my head, even though jake took a vegas trip just one month prior. 

it also wouldn't surprise me if our new patio is my birthday gift too, even though i really had nothing to do with it.
my other all inclusive present.
an all inclusive too.  although she's a gift that keeps on giving.
when we got remy last november, she was one of those "no christmas, no valentine's" gifts too.  and i could totally see jake justifying her latest vet bills as my gift, somehow.

so in the name of wishful thinking, i thought i would just share some items from my current wish list.  [just in case jacob happens to maybe, possibly stumble across my blog before aug. 21...my blog that he has yet to read].
the htc evo 4g.  i mean, i'm due for an upgrade.  so doesn't it make sense?

these little cuties from dogeared.

ok.  only because my other ipod randomly vanished.  i still don't believe it's gone.  i think the treadmill ate it.  in this case, i would be totally ok with electronics for my bday.
cardigans for work.  totally teacher :)
ok i know books are rather cheap, but i just bought 2 so this was on the back burner.
an ikat or chevron upholstered chair for my living room.
i'm not one to remind everyone that it's my birthday month.  one day is good for me.  so that's the last you'll hear of it.  happy birthday month to any other august babies out there.  team peridot!


  1. I hate peridot. Happy Birthmonth birthmonth buddy!

  2. Should someone "happen" to send this to him in an e-mail...


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