dips and peaks.

thought i had it figured out and was actually semi-excited to start charting and have a better understanding of everything below the belt.  thought it would be easy...wake up, take temp, chart, wait for ov, take prometrium, repeat [unless it worked!].  and this is what i've been looking at...

normal...normal...normal...peak!, then dip?

compare it to this "normal" chart. ...granted...what is normal?
mind you the major peak day was a day i slept in.  not the same time i typically take the temp [which does impact].  what does it all mean?  i'm faxing this to the doc tomorrow...did i ovulate?  do i start the prometrium?  but if i didn't ov yet, am i stopping it with the prometrium?  did it dip because i hadn't taken the prometrium yet?  i don't see a distinct coverline [charting jargon].  so many questions.  any other charters have oddities like this?  i have to keep reminding myself that i am learning a lot and this is beneficial!

so i will end with this, as i discuss dips and peaks.

my dip for today:  feeling discouraged as i look at this.
my peak:  getting a really nice and reinforcing compliment from my principal and making it through the first day of pulling my kids for services.  they're so cute!

what were your dips and peaks?


1 comment:

  1. Dip: Being told by my doc that I am going to have to have another DNC:(
    Peak: Spending time with a friend and seeing the movie, "The Help". At least it ended on a good note.


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