mrs. menz

lyndsay | my parents got "creative" spelling a popular name differently, making it difficult to have any of those fun personalized things that you find at gas stations on road trips.  that always bummed me out.  now, i enjoy the spelling.

my parents divorced when i was in sixth grade.  my family [mom, dad, stepmom, stepdad, older sister, younger brother...four stepsisters] is surprisingly functional as a whole.  my husband is in the same boat so this makes for some creative coordination of holidays and events, but we've actually blended two four families pretty seamlessly, thanks to our parents.

my mom, stepdad, sister, and my three.almost.four.year.old niece [i swear she's the smartest] live in new york state.  they're too far.  dad and stepmom are approximately 6 minutes
away.  jake has three siblings [one biological, two step] and we all have too much fun together.  jake's sister, tara, and her husband adam had their first little one in nov. of 2011.  i'm elated to have a nephew!

 my [older] sister, loren and me.

i am a speech-language pathologist (or SLP).  i love my job and i know i couldn't have picked a better one.  i work with k-5 students [hence the summers off].  and if you don't know what a speech-language pathologist is, click here.

i met jake in college at MSU, as a sophomore.  it's pretty much your typical sorority girl meets frat boy story.  we dated four years before getting engaged in grad school.

i married jake on october 17, 2009.  the day was more than i really ever could have imagined and i took my vows very seriously.  that sounds cheesy, i know, but it's true.  he's an all around keeper and can talk to a brick's very endearing.  jake is tidy [but not a deep cleaner], he's logical and when he says he's going to get something done, he always does.  jake has taught me 1) to tighten the lids on jars and 2) to always look back [you know, so i don't leave things like phones or cameras behind].

oh yes!  then there's our doggy, remy.  i call her remy lou.  she really is my best friend most days.  such a good little fur baby.

so that's me [us] a nutshell...wife, daughter, sister, aunt...friend.  and, someday, a mommy.
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