oh and one more thing...

almost forgot about some trash tv moments i wanted to blog about...

1.  teen mom amber's french tips on tuesday's episode?  really?  they couldn't be any longer.  i tried to find a pic, but i couldn't.  did you see?  so trashy.  yet i continue to watch.
2.  bachelor pad a]  did anyone else swoon over ames' exit?  i mean, how cute!
3.  bachelor pad b]  did anyone else love how chris harrison called out vienna?  come on vienna...you had to know the producers of that show would salivate over the drama that is you and jake pavelka.  stop crying about being on the show together and leave if you can't.  holly and michael make it work.
4.  bachelor pad c]  gia leaving...a little lot dramatic?
5.  housewives of new jersey's ashley [jaqueline's daughter]...does anyone else want to slap her across the face?

i will end there so i don't look like a total loser.  i'm just getting it all in while jake's out of town and i have full dvr and big screen at my disposal.


  1. Bachelor pad......yes loved Ames exit, gia was crazy hysterical, and loved Chris calling Vienna out. I want Michael and holly to work it out too. My best friend from h.s. went to dental school with Blake and said he.is a player. Just confirms his ways on the show Just FYI. I loved him on bachelorette

  2. amber's french tips killed me! this is the closest pictrue i could find: http://poponthepop.com/gallery/amber-portwood-ugly-face/


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