trying not to try.

i've heard it so many times lately | " just when we gave up trying...it happened!"

this is the info. a lot of people offer up.  it's worked for friends, strangers i come across on the internet, family and even former president george bush - he and his wife, laura, tried for years with no luck.  they had begun the adoption process and expressed interest in adopting twins.  just as they got the ball rolling to adopt, they found out they were pregnant...with twins (decision points, 2010).

so once you've made the decision to "try", you become increasingly aware of your cycle.  and what i don't get is how you ignore that...when you decide to try not to try.  how do you just shut that off?  moreover, how do you not "try" when your doctor has asked you to chart and take meds based on your cycle?  hmmm.  it's like...obviously you know when you start...so that's day one.  and even if you don't write it down, you must be thinking in your head, "ok there's day one".  from there, you just happen to realize that it's been a week since day one, so now you're on day seven and then, ooops, in one week from day seven you're on day 14 ...and we all know what that means.

so is trying not to try, in fact, a fertility method?  will it get the show on the road?  can you actively try not to try?  some people swear by it.  so if that's the case, we've officially stopped trying.  or at least we're going to try.      :)   [sigh].


  1. I've been relating to a lot of things in your recent posts. The fish oil taste (yuck), the progesterone issues, the google searches, and now the "trying not to try". I've totally been there. I'm not sure I ever really succeeded in not trying though...I always ended up being aware. And if you're aware, are you really not trying? So, I totally get it! And while we are currently trying, I've been wondering at what point will I want to not try again...


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