the world according to drew | months 9 and 10

yep.  i've been a terrible blogger.

i let the 9 month post get away from me and then all of the sudden we were at 10 months!

say whaaaaat?

so, i have a 9 month picture but no true post... so we're just going to wrap months 9 and 10 up together in a nice little bloggy package.  so much has been going on!!

according to drew....

i crawl so quickly.
(mommy is beginning to wonder if i won't want to walk because i'm such a good crawler)
i pull up on e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.
(mommy's legs are probably my fav)
and with that...comes lots of bumps and bruises
...our first of many goose eggs on the forehead!
i babble repeated syllables (dada, mama, yaya, gaga, tata, baba)
and i'm starting to variegate my babbles (mada, gada)
but, of course, my favorite thing to say is "dadaaaaaa"
i know who dada is and when i hear "daddy's home" i look at the door!
mom swears i say "ball" ...aka "bah" with intent
it's fun to shake my head no when someone does it to me
and mommy thinks i'm getting a little 'tude when i have to do something i don't want to
food?....not a huge eater unless it's something i l.o.v.e.
i take 5, 5-6 oz. bottles a day and eat two meals of solids
right now, i will down any fruit but i'm just not too into anything else
what goes in, usually comes right out...unless it's macaroni and cheese!!!
which brings us to my weight...
at my 9 month appointment i was 15 lbs. 5 oz (3rd percentile)
and 26 inches long (7th percentile)
i'm just still petite.
doc says, "you're only as big as your genetic potential"
...well i have a mom who is 5'2" and a dad who is 6'3", so....hmmmm?
i am consistenly wearing size 3-6 month clothes
although that onesie you see in the 10 month pic is a size 3
(mommy couldn't find the other)
we're really hoping all the awesome clothes we were given by a friend fit us for the summer!
what else...?
i have two teeth on the bottom and i'm working on one on top!
favorite things?
i'm loving the dolly my grammy got me (a red-headed mermaid doll that we named Gingie!)
love bath time, my sippy cup, my baby einstein play table, taking balls out of the ball pit, putting things on the living room chair and pretty much anything that i shouldn't play with...
and b o o k s (yay)
lately, i'm on a mommy kick (can't wait for summer!)
...oh! and i took my first plane ride to visit my grammy and aunt loren in NY
i slept like a champ on the way there...
once we got there, and on the flight home....not    so    much.

grammy and me in ny.

me at my 9 month check up before shots!


i've had intentions on writing a post to wrap up my BFing journey and weaning, but i can't catch up!  ...maybe this weekend.

...PS i can't believe i am planning a first birthday.  no, really....i can't.
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