if school is going to be in session, it might as well be fall.  no need for hot summer days at the pool if you can't take advantage of them.  i got a glimpse of outside today around 11 am [i don't have a window in the cloffice] and i just thought, "i would be heading to the pool right now."  let's just bring out the fall decor and call summer what it is...officially over.  besides, i have a few fall tops i'm dying to wear!

in fertility news.  i've decided to take a leap of faith and start taking the vitex.  i will spare you my reasoning behind it, but that's the plan.  along with charting, i will add vitex to my long list of daily supplements.  that makes it: a duo set of prenatal multi-vitamins, extra folic acid, additional b6 and three vitex capsules per day.  i've also made the transition to no coffee [decaf or not]...i almost wanted to drink water out of my coffee mug during morning duty because i just felt strange without it.  i plan to try green tea.

we were extra out-doorsy this past weekend.  we got together with a group of friends and hit the katy trail for a bike ride.  we rode from defiance to augusta [about 8 miles each way].  great workout and beautiful weather.  only two pics turned out.
this was jake's bike.
on the trail.
then, jake's aunt planned a family canoe trip for the following sunday.  the weather was perfect and the water was awesome.  and i maybe lifted the ore three times.  jake made me a little lounge thingy so i could get my tan on.  needless to say, i didn't bring my camera or phone.  we all know my history with electronics.

kinda creepy.  kinda cute.  i walked past my mirror this weekend at just the right time of day and i saw this little "paw" print on it.  must have been from when my niece was here mid august.  it put a little smile on my face.  i haven't washed it off yet.
look close.  can you see?
mystery pet.  someone put this on my laptop today at work.  i'm not sure if it was a student or coworker.  but it's kinda of like a little pet.  and...it made me smile.
pet rock.
pillow fight.  we've decided to be a bit more trusting and let remy stay in our room while we're gone for increasing periods of time.  welp.  that's not happening anymore.  we came home from the cards game to this:
ya that's a pillow.  or was.  this too shall pass?
little stinker.  she likes to have me play fetch with her while i soak in the tub.  on this night...she kept balancing the ball on the edge of the tub and then nudging it into the water.  then, the little bugger stole my towel and moved it to where i couldn't reach!

until next time...

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