just a one.

one of my students with autism, who checks in with me at the end of the day, came to my office in tears and said "mrs. menz, my day was just a one".  most days, if this were the case, i would ask him what happened and discuss with him how we could turn it around the next.  but to him, i just said "and that's ok.  because you know what...mine too".

...because it kind of was.  although, i didn't wake up on the wrong side of the bed, i didn't spill my breakfast on myself, i didn't get bad news and i didn't feel sick.  it was just one of those days...that was just a one.

so after thinking all of that in my head and almost saying, "buddy, i could cry with ya"...he looked at me and said, with the most logical intent, "well then it's easy, we both need to come back tomorrow, turn it around [as he made a circular motion with his pointer finger] and make tomorrow a three."  and with all the resolve in the world, he walked out to the bus shouting in the loudest voice, "see ya later alligator".  to which i said, "after while crocodile".

cut to this evening and my day ending with a phone call from my sister...who must have known i needed to talk when she called me three times with no real reason.  and after our conversation, i felt a little bit like my lil buddy walking to the bus.  so i soaked in my giant tub and inhaled the scent of my eucalyptus candle and thought...

tomorrow is another day.  and all i have to do is turn it around [picture circular motion] and make it a three.  but some days, are just a one...and that's ok. 

"dwell in hope."



  1. Love those sweet kids. Thinking of u. Praying for u

  2. oh- i love that little guy. heres hoping tomorrow is a three.


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