bedding and girl names

i think i have bedding.  i still have to wait.  but, i made a decision.
with help from my mom.

for a boy...

for a girl...
and now i can sleep a little better.

[.....until i change my mind again.]

now, i need a girl name.

drew caroline (or olivia)
parker olivia
rowyn olivia

place your votes to the right in the poll.



30 weeks. huh?

sometimes, i really can't believe we are at this point.  call it pessimism, but after having a miscarriage, i was skeptical that this would ever happen.  i really have to remind myself, at times, that this is happening.  but i don't think i'm alone there.  all i know, is that i am so thankful that everything is healthy and we're right on track [i won't even knock on wood].

so, here we are...t h i r t y weeks.  10 [ish] weeks to go and i can't tell if i'm ready for this part to be over in 10 weeks or if i'm a wee nervous.  it's probably fair to say ...both, huh?

clockwise:  side view, mom wanted a front view, and my view looking down.
 inanimate comparison:  no longer a chinese cabbage, but a real cabbage.  ???

maternity clothes:  a necessity.

stretch marks:  still in the clear.  i'm going to tell myself that it's because i lather up with coco butter every night.  but...there are still 10 weeks to go.

sleep:  roll over, up to pee, roll over the other way...repeat.  honestly though, when i get comfy...i sleep pretty well!
best moment this week:  hitting 30 weeks.  and my first shower [which was really in week 29, but oh well] [see below].  also, we ordered a dresser!  pics of our work.in.progress nursery to come!

miss anything?:  i can't say that i do.

movement:  yes.  i've been trying to catch a cool video of my belly moving.  stay tuned.

cravings:  i just enjoy sweets... but that's nothing new.

sickness:  gone. 

gender:  50/50

labor signs:  maybe some braxton hicks.  like, one or two a day.  nothing painful.

symptoms:  ok [knock on wood] but the back pain has diminished during the day...for now.  i put heat on my back every night, so i like to think that has something to do with it.  or maybe baby has moved or shifted. 

belly button:  still in!  i thought for sure it would be out by now. 

wedding rings:  i'm down to just my engagement ring.

happy or moody?:  happy.

looking forward to:  the doctor again on thursday.  and lots of special guests this week, including my m o m whose coming in town for my second shower!!!!  ahhhh, yay!  i haven't seen her since christmas...i've put on some weight since then ;)

my work shower thrown by my [SPED] team.  homemade desserts and lots of fun gifts.  and the adorable banner made by a 1st grade teacher.  and!  my mother.in.law and sis.in.law came.  p.s. i've had my poor hair colored since the.  yikes!


28 weeks [and 4 days]

inanimate comparison:  thanks to my new iphone app...a chinese cabbage (see pic).

heh.  i wondered too.
maternity clothes:  a necessity.

stretch marks:  none.  i check every day.

sleep:  yes, please.

best moment this week:  officially hitting the third trimester.  so thankful to be at this point.

miss anything?:  i think i don't realize what i miss until i think about this question every two weeks.  i miss not having back aches but they're so second nature now that i barely notice [until they get bad].  i miss picking things up off the floor on the first attempt.  it usually takes 2-3 tries.  but, again...i don't necessarily notice.  jake asked me if having to pee gets old.  and that's another one.  i've gotten so used to the feeling of having to pee, that i don't even think about it.  ya just get up and go. 

movement:  i'd say m&m is on the spunky side, but i have nothing to compare it to.  movement is non-stop and the bumps keep getting b i g g e r.

cravings:  i just enjoy sweets... but that's nothing new.

sickness:  gone.

gender:  GIRL!!  [joke...still a secret]  it's interesting to me that boy has taken the lead on the survey.

labor signs:  maybe some braxton hicks.  like, one or two a day.  nothing painful.

symptoms:  back spasms and rib pain.  a bath is an absolute must each night.  i live for my baths.  it's no joke when they say that the first trimester can leave you icky feeling, the second is a breeze and then it starts to turn when you hit the third.  spot on.

belly button:  still in!  i thought for sure it would be out by now. 

wedding rings:  i'm down to just my engagement ring.  much less annoying.

happy or moody?:  happy and moody.  actually, not moody but tearful.  two nights ago, i just started crying in bed.  there was absolutely no antecedent to this cry-fest.  it just began and then it wouldn't stop.  jake was such a trooper.  i also cried in traffic this evening.  i could n o t be a commuter on a daily basis.  i also just have the most overwhelming feeling to want to be home.  i love home and being home ...and everything in my house ...and my dog ...and jake and i always just want to be home.  is that nesting?

looking forward to:  hearing that sweet little heartbeat tomorrow and piecing together the nursery that i have in my imagination.  update:  today, i want to get neutral bedding.  what the...?

fun with frametastic app. 



And we have a crib....

so after months of searching and researching...we finally have a crib for this little m&m. thanks again to the book baby bargains (if you're pregnant, it's a must read) because it saved me from purchasing a crib with an f rating. luckily, I found something almost identical, for cheaper with an a+ rating!!! don't you love when you find exactly what you're looking for, for cheaper?? me too.

we ended up with this crib from the graco lauren collection. i wanted to go high end on a mattress (for safety), which is why we wanted to save on the crib.

oh! and check out this pic quality. Yep, that's because I finally got my iphone!!! no more crappy blackberry pics. good riddance. This phone is uh-mazing. ...but that's another post.

still can't really capture the true paint color in a picture.  also, the crib is darker than it appears here too.
on another note: i completed my glucose tolerance test today. cross your fingers that I pass. the drink wasn't as bad as sitting in an uncomfortable chair for an hour. baby m has really set up camp under my right rib, which makes sitting tricky.

28 weeks tomorrow.  holy moly.
i guess that's officially third trimester.  
i suppose i was a week premature when i mentioned that last week.

stay tuned for bump pic.


how is it april?

april 1, 2011 | i played an april fool's joke on jake.  he called me on his way home from work to ask if aunt flow had come to visit that day.  i said, "yes...unfortunately".  he said, "next month". 
a p r i l f o o l s.  when he got home, there was a positive pregnancy test waiting for him.

i think fondly of that little heartbeat and wish that we could have made it to where we are now with this m&m...and beyond.  but, i have to remember that there's a plan in there somewhere.  what a difference a year makes.

27 weeks today.  helllloooooo THIRD trimester?  what?!?  how?!


we ordered a crib!!  in espresso.
and don't worry...i think i've changed my mind on baby girl bedding again.
**and thank goodness for the book baby bargains.  because the crib i almost bought got an F rating!!!  yikes!  this one gets an A+.
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