birthday by numbers.

my friend from grad school, kaitlin, @ more like mary does blog posts by "numbers" at times.  here's one

so i thought i would be a copy cat and recap my birthday in this fashion.  i hope kaitlin doesn't mind.  :)

twenty seven.

one the number of ipods i got! 
read this if you want a little background about me and my electronics.  my last ipod sprouted legs at the gym and walked away.
the new nano.  tiny + pedometer + radio streaming.
two number of little gold studs i got from my mother.in.law.
[thanks, tara!]
threethe number of wishes i made.

fivethe number of ruffles on the dress from my mom.

sixthe number of roses in my bouquet from my grandma maudine.
seven the number of compartments in my new purse.  
perfect color for fall.

ninethe number of candles i licked icing from.  [i had 9 candles...two on top and seven on bottom = twenty seven].
fav part of birthday cake
 tenthe number of cards i received from friends and family.  still love getting mail.

twelve the number of schnookies [schnuck's cookies] my friend marge got me.  yummers.

fourteenthe number of items in my amazon cart to purchase with the gift card my aunt gigi got me.

thanks so much for all the birthday wishes.  i'm too lucky.  feelin the love.  i have a feeling 27 will be a good year...i just know it.


  1. I don't mind-I stole it too :)

    Happy Birthday!!

  2. Happy belated birthday! Mine was this past Sunday :) FOund your blog through The Daybook. new follower!



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