does anyone else?

1.  have a spot on your carpet that, no matter how many times you clean and you think it's gone, always comes back?

2.  want to punch the nearest thing when you stub your toe?

3.  have the grossest fish taste in your mouth after taking a fish oil vitamin?

4.  feel optimistic when they hear this song?

5.  take the long way to work to have a little more me time in the car?  with your coffee.

6.  take naps on the couch and never in your bed?  [because then you don't feel so lazy...because oops you fell asleep watching tv.]

7.  not care which way the toilet paper goes?  over or under.

8.  switch decor around in your house, on a regular basis?  [my houndstooth vase has had many homes.]

9.  insist on saying "night night" to their dog every night?  with a smooch and a belly rub.

10.  hate putting clothes away far more than actually doing laundry?


  1. Getting ready to "watch TV" on the couch right meow...

  2. I say yes to all of those!!!!! Especially #10:). I love this!!!!! Just brightened my day a little bit.

  3. I can relate to all of these..never done the fish oil thing though. I love listening to that song...so uplifting! I play it on repeat and use to blare it when I drove.

  4. the last one just made me laugh! i actually LOVE doing the laundry.. but i HATE putting it away!!! haha and i do want to punch the nearest thing to me when i stub my toe as well!! :) great post!

    jenna duty



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