adventures in babysitting.

just another benefit to living within walking distance from one of your best gal pals...you get to babysit!

remember this shower?  and this visit?  well that's this guy.

things i learned during my seven hour adventure:
a) you can never cover up a little weewee too quickly.
b) i can eat with one hand.
c) that baby smell never gets old.
d) baby toots are the cutest.
e)  men really freak out over breast milk.
f) it's difficult to capture a 6 week old smile on camera...but i did!

this is a smile, not a cry.
remy couldn't get enough.



  1. This post made me LOL. I need to hear the breast milk story...but yes, so true. Love that you guys are so close, we really appreciate you watching our little man.

    Those pictures are adorable, Remy is the best!

  2. i got to hold him for the first time yesterday! the list is spot on. :)


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