running is my lexipro.

i kid.  i don't really need to take lexipro.  today most days.

but you know they say that running and exercise makes you feel better.  and it's so true.  you just always feel better.  so, duh, why don't we do it more?

well, i am.  i've been back to my regular routine of running.  a daily check yourself and clear your head run. 

when i got home from work, i let myself read something on online that i knew would upset me.  the headache was right on cue because i felt the blood pressure rising.  so instead of wallowing, i put on my tennies and got in the car.  no, i'm not a marathoner or even a half-marathoner.  4 miles is good for me ...and my smile.  cause when i got back in my car, i felt amazing.

then, i logged onto pinterest and saw this.  how perfect :)

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