the measure of a woman.

so. something is weighing on me heavily. 

a very close person to me wrote me an email regarding this post.  in it, i said this...

"i guess, i just have this thing about not being able to do this on my own right now.  or possibly not being able to do it on my own [or our own].  it's sort of the very thing that defines a lady." 

a) i feel terrible because i would hate to offend anyone who is unable to have children.  from the bottom of my heart, that is not what i meant.  i certainly wouldn't like to be "defined" by whether or not i can have or bear children.  so i need to recant that statement.

b) i meant it in its most matter of fact sense.  woman have children.  men do not.  its what separates us from men.

the measure of a woman, or what truly defines a woman, is...
the way you love
your relationships
your work
your heart
 your passions
what you give back
your beliefs
your sincerity
your character.

this very important person to me said,
"believe me when i tell you that life is rich beyond measure, whether you conceive or not."
so i just needed to clarify.  because she's right.  she's so so right.

...and while i'm asking for blog forgiveness.  i also left a very important person out of this post.  and that person is my grandpa who passed last christmas day.  i have no excuses for leaving him out and, again, i feel terrible.  go blue, grandpa

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