cute as a...you know what.

shower day!  i had so much fun throwing a shower with brooke and shannon [two DZ sorority sisters] for marge [aka katie],  all the planning and crafting totally paid off and it was a perfect, [cute as a button] day.  us same gals threw marge a wedding shower and i can't believe where we are now.  time seriously flies...slow down!

marge's wedding day
from left: me, brooke, marge, marge's sister, shannon 

the menu | chicken salad sandwiches, veggie tray, pita chips and hummus, parfait bar [with yogurt, blackberries, blueberries and strawberries], mini quiches, button cookies and cake truffles [a variation of cake balls].  yummers!

i had a ton of extra burlap left from a table runner i made, so i used it up on the shower.  i also used mason jars with buttons for one table's centerpiece.  shannon printed childhood pictures of marge, framed them in frames with buttons on them and we used those as centerpieces on the other two tables.  brooke found these on pinterest [wishes for baby crosby].  each guest filled them out and we put them in the mailbox for marge to keep.  our only game was to guess the amount of buttons in one of the mason jars.  someone was just 1 button off!  good guess!


  1. This shower looks so cute Fanger!! You are the hostess with the mostess! :)

  2. Saw pics on Facebook and everything looked so cute:). You and your girls did a great job celebrating the upcoming arrival of little Crosby ( love the name by the way. Was on my list once upon a time too). See you soon Lynz <3

  3. I can't believe you guys were throwing a wedding shower 4 years ago for me, seems like just yesterday. Everything was just so perfect, which did not surprise me one bit coming from you 3 crafters. Loved it all!

  4. Gosh! I should have commented on this one too...I've been a little out of touch. Sorry, babes! You KNOW I loved every little handmade detail, and you did a fantastic job! Kind of a chip off the old block {and I can ONLY say that because I am like 11.5 months older than you}...So, that whole thing where our family says Loren and I should be sisters and you should be my moms? I'm kinda rethinking that. We have just a "little" in common too...


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