loss...and hope.

today, october 15th, is pregnancy and infant loss awareness day.
you can read more about today here.
you can read my story here.
and, sadly, you can read more stories of loss...
and here.
no one is alone.  and there are so many more.

did you know?
According to a 2004 National Vital Statistics Report issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2000, 15.6% or 1,003,000 of the 6,401,000 pregnancies in the United States ended in either a miscarriage or stillbirth; the CDC also indicates that in 2003 the number of live births in the United States was 4,093,000; of those births, 27,500 ended in the death of an infant under the age of one.

today.  many are lighting candles in remembrance.  i thought this was pretty perfect.


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