beyond perfect.

my gal pal [and neighbor], katie [aka marge], 
delivered her little bean in the wee hours of the morning today.

1:16 am, 8 lbs, 21 inches

mr. crobsy michael is aaaaaaaamazingly adorable.
he was so alert and just ever so excited to meet his new "aunts".
and he sure does love his mommy.

i can't wait to babysit this little cutie.

between this little guy...and the three little darlings at life treasured, my gal pals are surrounded by blessings!  as if i didn't already have the itch....
 i love this part of our lives.


  1. He us so alert already!!!! Emma was like that too, all she wanted to do was take it all in. I'll bet he will be a ham bone:)

  2. Thanks for coming to visit, he is lucky to have such great people in his life, especially our wonderful neighbors!

  3. He is just too cute for words!


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