2 years of wedded bliss.

ok, was it all blissful?  i mean...no.  in its own way, though, everything played a part in getting us where we are now.

in two years of marriage, we've...
gotten our first apartment together 
gotten bid kid jobs
had squirrels shimmy through dryer tubes and into our apartment
killed said shimmy squirrels with various tactics [had to be done]
prematurely paid out of lease [see previous squirrel comments]
purchased our first house
painted our first house [this is a feat, in and of itself]
lost a big kid job [jake]
changed big kid jobs [lyndsay]
gotten a bigger kid job [jake]
stood beside a friend whose life was changed in one day.
took on a third roommate [brother]
decided to start "trying" [after roommate's departure]
gotten a puppy
taken trips to vegas and cabo [separately...ooops]
gotten a big fat positive [and celebrated]
lost a baby [and mourned]
lost a grandma [and grieved]
made a lateral move at work, in preparation for a promotion [jake]
began "trying" again
gotten steps/patio on the back of our house [this was big]
continued to"try"...
and had a blast.
.........and continued to try.

and i wouldn't change a thing.

jake's a do-er.  a don't sweat the small stuff about the big stuff, but calls it small stuff guy.  a tidy person, but not a deep cleaner.  a handy man.  a hunter.  a good ear.  full blown ocd.  a talker.  a sensitive one [shhh].  a good friend to have. an amazing thank you note writer.  and a get it done now relax later dude.

sent to work.  and he went with a fall bouquet because "we got married in the fall"
breakfast for dinner.  his fave.  nice dinner friday.
the "pricey" champange in our wedding flutes.
and horrible bosses.
and i will leave you with this 1 yr anniversary gift, which i look at every morning and night.
oh and p.s. since the 2nd anniversary gift is "cotton" [i think that's the traditional one because i learned today that the modern is "china"] we got ourselves a second set of king pillows for the master and a new comforter for the guest [which was probably never meant for a 3rd roommate to sleep on].

here's to many more!



  1. Happy Anniversary! You 2 are perfect together. Love ya!

  2. Happy Anniversary. This had me a little teary eyed this morning.

  3. Loved this post! Happy anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary to two amazing individuals and one AWESOME couple. I love you and continue to pray for you! BTW, you are an awesome writer and I love your blog so much. I get to see you in 4 weekends!!! VERY EXCITED!

  5. Loved this post! Happy Anniversay to two an amazing couple and great friends!!

  6. Wow....didn't proof read that comment!


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