my fertility crisis.

so my blogger friend and real-life gal pal, brooke at brook.etc, posted this.  in it, she explains that her doctor gave her an article, my fertility crisis...by holly finn (from the wsj).  for anyone struggling with [in]fertility...or just any woman or couple...it's a good read [and it has its funny moments].  no, i'm not even close to ivf and haven't even given it any thought.  no, i'm not in my forties.  yes, as it's been proven, i can get pregnant.  but this is an article to which i can relate.  

here are a few excerpts i enjoyed:

by no means would i call my situation a crisis [today yet].  someone i work with just explained it as "the world's giant let down every month".  i'd have to say that's right on.  let down followed by a breakdown.  and, yes, i know i've been pregnant [so this is a plus]...keeping it wasn't so easy though.  and i know that basically you start off scratch after a m/c, so technically we're looking at three months of trying post m/c...and i know that isn't very long.  but.  when it was that close...i think you want it that much more.  i'm rambling.

on another note...

so i go to my doc on thursday for a consultation. i haven't met with her since my post d&c check up [which i wouldn't even call a check up].  every time i call with a questions, i end up either leaving a voicemail or asking my question to, who i assume, is just a receptionist...maybe a nurse.  then, i get an answer in the form of a voicemail or i get part of my answer and i turn to my friend google for a little more.  i will let you know if i officially decide to change doctors after this appt...i'm seriously considering it.

so i'm writing every possible thought in my head down, even if i have a half answer already...and i'm ready to ask my questions!

first...i want her to make some sense of these.  i'm so diligent about it.  i even tried to take it at 3:30 in the a.m. because i was a little restless right as i woke up.  and it didn't appear to make a difference.  what the...

 then...i'm asking the following:
  • what about my luteal phase?  length?  temp?
  • can the low progesterone impact ovulation?
  • is progesterone high enough even with prometrium?
  • can i get blood work as soon as i get a +test?
  • is my temp not rising because of my low progesterone?
  • is prometrium supposed to make me feel like my dog just died...twice?
  • does my temp only rise because of the prometrium?  
  • can i get "day 21" bloodwork again...on the prometrium?
  • is it just a coincidence that my sister is estrogen dominant with virtually no progesterone?  [her body turns it into cortisol]
  • would you recommend anything else besides my current arsenal [pictured below]
1. ov test strips  2. the bible  3. prenatal vitamins  4. vitex  5. prometrium  6. guaifenesin  7. bb thermometer



  1. Thinking of you girl. I don't know what you are going through but I can only imagine how incredibly hard it is. I love you and am here for you!!! Praying that this is your month!!!

  2. Ask those questions girl! And make sure you get the answers you need. Everyone deserves the best medical care. If you feel like finding a new doctor, then you should. Keep looking until you find the right fit.

    I can realte to your prometrium woes...when I take it, I feel like quitting my job. I also cried this past Saturday when I left my sunglasses at home. My husband didn't know what to do. Poor guy.

  3. eDaly's HusbandOctober 11, 2011 at 9:27 AM

    If you're not getting the attention or care you desire, switch doctors. It's not an overstatement to say that switching physician's was one of the best decisions my wife and I made in our 'adventure.' Liz often says she'd make out with her current doc, and he might just be that good to be honest.

  4. Hubby is right :) :) :) I am SO thankful for my current doctor.

    Also, why don't they give every highschool girl that book?!?!?!? After reading it I felt like years of questions about my body were answered!

    Praying that this is your month!


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