home tour and favorite spaces.

so.  my gal pal and fellow blogger brooke over at brook.etc shared this post and it inspired me to give a little home tour.

that's the fun thing about blogging.  when you don't have much else going on [like, i don't know...a bun in the oven] it is nice to bounce some ideas of off fellow bloggy friends.

so here it is.  
the home of a menz.  
and my favorite places and spaces and pieces.

my $100 ikea mirror greets you.
my fall foyer.  i'm debating that picture.

from foyer to main living area.  two bedrooms to the left of where i'm standing.  the door on the right is laundry.
from main hallway looking into "great room".
my fall mantle.
my most favorite piece.  hobby lobby.  i move it to a new place about once every three months.  although, now, i'm feeling like chevron is my new houndstooth.
looking into kitchen from near fireplace.  we installed the light and it is a fave.
other side of kitchen.  breakfast nook.  and the big light's little sister light.
another fave.  a birthday gift from my dad and step-mom.  i like certain pieces that stand out.  if you can't tell.
view looking out from kitchen.
hallway from great room to foyer.
from right of fireplace.  door on left is master.
master bathroom and my ahhhh-mazing bathtub.
master.  [taken with my bb because i ran out of battery and couldn't find my charger.  typical]
oh don't mind the sun-scorched landscaping.  it hasn't been the same since the heat hit.
i didn't include the two other rooms.  they're just not up to par yet.  one is a guest and the other is an.....office, i suppose?  we're never in there.  it pretty much houses remy's kennel.
and there she is :)


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  1. LOVE it all! Now, I *almost* feel like I've been over...


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