i should clarify about my doctor.

do you ever feel guilty for cutting ties with someone, or asking someone else to do something because you know they'd do it better [not that the other person isn't doing a bad job, but you know it can be better]...

that's me.  i feel that way a lot.  it usually involves work.  you feel a certain loyalty to someone.  especially if they've been referred to you.

that's sort of how i feel with my doctor. 

don't get me wrong.  i like her, i do.  she delivered the news of the miscarriage professionally [maybe not as empathetic as i would have liked, but i'm sure that's a hard spot].  i trusted her with my d&c.  i was in good hands.  she answered my questions and listened to my concerns.  she was concerned about my emotional state following the m/c [and by concerned, i mean...she inquired about it and was willing to talk].  she called me personally.

but could she do more?

call it irrational, but i just get this feeling like i need to stick with her because she knows my history...the whole back story...she knows the steps we've taken. 

does she?  or am i just a chart?  if that's the case...i could be someone else's chart.  and i might just end up loving them.  because, right now, i just like her.


.....let's see what thursday brings.  but, i'm pretty sure i'm in the market for a new doctor.


  1. don't stick with someone you only like-especially when there are plenty of docs I know you would LOVE

  2. I was nervous about switching doctors for the same reason. I was apprehensive about starting over, retelling my story. I was concerned a new doctor wouldn't really understand my whole history. The consult with my new doctor was awesome. I knew he took the time and read every bit of my file. He referenced things from my early medical history. I liked that. I felt like he had always been my doctor.

    Everyone deserves a doctor they love! Just follow your heart and do what feels right.

  3. Yes you deserve ONLY the best Lyndz.

  4. Hi Lyndsay,

    I loved my doctor and I believe her practice specializes in fertility issues. Her name is Laurie Klabi (Healthcare group for Women) at MoBap. My friend just got pregnant on Chlomid after trying for a while so don't get discouraged!! You are welcome to come and practice mommyhood over at my place if you need a baby "fix." Hattie would love some new company :) -Kate


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