doc talk

so last week was my q and a with my doc.  i'm going to do my best to try to interpret her answers.  please note that i do not practice obstetrics and/or gynecology.
i've done a good job of charting.
but my charts perplexed her.
based on my temps compared to my LH surge, something is amiss.
she isn't convinced that i'm actually ovulating...
although i do have an LH surge.  [ehhhh....]
she's not seeing a definitive spike, rather a gradual increase
...and only after i start prometrium for that cycle.
or it's possible that i am, but my eggs are "weak".
weak eggs?  ok.
so it is possible to have an LH surge and not ovulate.
then there was something about the follicle...
which eventually becomes the corpus luteum [thanks kaitlin]...
which, then, has a hand in progesterone production...i think
we've concluded i'm progesterone deficient.
so this means i don't actually ovulate.
or that thing about the "weak eggs".
so, from here...
if i don't start...celebrations and a careful eye.
if i do...big bummer...but.
she'd like me to begin clomid
and i think come in for ultrasounds to keep an eye on ovulation.
there was so much information it's all blending together.
because i took my time and asked my questions
and she was as patient as can be.
and very easy to talk to.
and i trust her.

and so that's the plan.  i guess, i just have this thing about not being able to do this on my own right now.  or possibly not being able to do it on my own [or our own].  it's sort of the very thing that defines a lady. 

i feel a little broken.  like something is terribly wrong.  hopefully, it can be fixed.

cross.  your.  fingers.   and anything else that can be crossed.


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  1. Clomid worked great for me and it sounds like we have very similar issues. I hope you see the same results!


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