d.i.y day.

so this is what i did yesterday.

a.  a little gift for my friend, katie, whose first anniversary is today.  the colors are totally her.  but my oh my was the 'b' tricky to wrap.  too many nooks and crannies.  and ps, i bought a glue gun yesterday.  i'm kind of amazed that i have not owned one up to this point.

b.  in keeping with the rosette theme, i put this together.  i went back and forth about which type of wreath to make.  this one, or a burlap one.  so i bought the burlap too and i'm just going to do both....eventually.

 and hey...why reinvent the wheel and put together a rosette tutorial when i can just share the one i used [but modified].  instead of drawing a spiral, i cut the felt into circles and then used scissors to cut a spiral.


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