the end of october.

here's a weekend wrap up.

in case you didn't know...the cardinals won the world series!!  and my husband almost missed it [thanks to a work winery trip earlier that day).

it snowed in new york!  and, i believe, they are currently without power.  my niece, emma, has been having fun playing.
taking a break from playing.
we participated in a 5k with some friends.  this is my friend, katie, who actually ran a half mile in the wrong direction because she didn't see the arrows.  leave it to katie.  oh well, she got a better work out.  i, on the other hand, ended up not running.  the chlomid has me feeling less than great and my doctor suggested i take it easy.  i did do a 2 mile walk and it was freezing!

i made these for a halloween party.  my intention was to make ghosts, but the gel icing never hardened and i couldn't figure anything else out.  so mummies they became!

and some of this year's halloween costumes.  ok ok, so we were lazy and we ended up doing a costume that we've already done.  we didn't want to spend more money, so it worked.  plus, it's a pretty good costume.
again, a poor quality BB pic.
tattoo artists/bikers...not too sure what we were.
emma was, of course, a princess.  belle.
my dad.  "i gotta have more cowbell".
tomorrow, for halloween, we plan to start up the fire pit, cozy up and pass out candy to the neighborhood kiddos with some friends.

and that's it.  i can't believe we're right around the corner from november and the holidays.  and a new baby boy nephew!  i am so looking forward to the holidays this year.  bundle up...it's getting cold out there!  i'm ready for some snow days!!


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