and so...

it begins.  things are underway and...we wait.

now, if i could just time warp.

and, yes...i realize that i've sort of dug myself into  a hole as far as the sharing of information goes.  and yes, i do realize this is a public blog and certain followers may expect certain information.  the hubs and i have had some in depth discussions about how much to share on the blog as far as "progress" goes.  because of our history with the miscarriage, we've decided it's best for our hopes and the hopes of those close to us [and any blog readers who care], that we wouldn't be sharing any news until we felt that we were in the clear [which, for me, could be like 9 months.  i kid].  so...for that reason, i may be fairly vague so as to not give news away either way.  i hope this makes sense and we hope you understand.


1 comment:

  1. It makes perfect sense! I think all of your "followers" care and MORE than understand. So many prayers and happy thoughts your way. :)


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