rabbit hole.

oh my tears | if you need a good cry, watch rabbit hole.  probably a good one to watch alone [glad my friend recommended that].  here is the trailer.

in the movie, they bring up the notion of these rabbit holes.  an alternate place where another you lives in a world where everything has gone exactly the way you had hoped and planned [sounds a little scy-fy, but it isn't].  and oh by the way, what if you could find that other version of you and just live.  but, here you are... with the life you've been given and in the screaming silence of loss and the open-endedness of grief there is still a place to dwell in hope.  please note: that's just my loose interpretation.  :)  also, open-endedness is a word i just made up.

anyway, i thought i'd share.  this is my friday night.  and i like it.  and i recommend this movie....and a box of tissues.

by the way...it's at red box.


  1. This looks really good! I think that I would have to wait until it hit DVD b/c I would be that girl doing the ugly cry in the theater!

  2. Im gonna have to go rent this asap


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