cold feet.

i have cold feet most nights.  like freezing cold feet [it is a brisk 65 degrees in our room at night...fans swirling].  i start the night off wearing socks and then, by morning, they are lumped at the foot of the bed...or they're in remy's mouth because they made their way to the floor.  this annoys jake to no end because when he makes the bed [daily] he has to fish them out.  oops.

story of my life | indecisive.  socks on or off.  feet hot or cold.  lately, i've had cold feet about the blog.  like, lost sleep over it cold feet.  public or private?  who to share things with?  then, i talked to my sister [she was a little drunky because today is her TWENTY.NINTH bday] and she told me she loved the blog and she enjoyed reading every bit of it.  if you know me, you probably know i'm not a huge talker.  i don't pick of the phone and call you to gossip or update you on life's latest happenings...i may text, but i'm just not a talker.  writing i can do.  i can much more clearly compose my thoughts on paper on my mac book than i can out loud.  so my sister convinced me to share my blog [not sure about publicly yet] as a little self help/therapy tool for myself and to update family on life [and i have family on every corner of this continent]. 

so far, i think it's working...i already feel better.


  1. Well Mrs. Lyndsay I am really glad you did this because living an hour away is hard enough and the other day we were talking about your email group :) and this is definitely my first step to connecting to you :) more often.

  2. You amaze me! I love your courage and quirks and all of you! So well written and FUN to read. Ive already laughed, cried and nodded my head in agreement. You snagged this reader and probably even so if we weren't family! Love you to pieces and your hair and all that jazz!

  3. Love it Lynz. Thanks for sharing with me. Just another super great blog to keep up with. You are strong in all that has happened and big things are ahead of you and Jake, I know it. I love you bunches and am so glad to call you my sister (in.law).

  4. I Love, love , love your blog!! I couldn't agree more with the whole "not much of a talker", but can write all my thoughts down! I think you have a great start to this and I am excited to see another gal pal in the blogging world! :)


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