if you're anything like me, you google everything.  [is google an actual verb yet?  i should look that up]. 

so, i had my 3rd...or was it the 4th round of labs done on wednesday and i thought i might get the results thursday, but i think that was wishful thinking.  then, i thought well probably friday.  nothing.  [how long does it take to actually get labs back?  is it the lab that seems to take forever or is it my doctor that takes forever to call me?]  i know two days really isn't forever, but when there's a weekend shoved in the middle, it means an inevitable two more days!  [sigh].  i'm just very anxious to know where we're going from here, if there is an issue and what it is!

so, google...i've been doing a lot as i wait for these results.  i was just looking at my google searches from the past few days and then i went a little further back and realized i might be a little nutty.  [audrey, this reminded me of our conversation about police coming and searching our computers -a la casey anthony- and being very suspicious based on our google searches].  Here are mine:
  • ovulating after miscarriage, did i cause a miscarriage, causes of miscarriage, lab result turnaround, how many days to get lab results, phlebotomist, hcg, low progesterone, causes of low progesterone, genetics and hormone deficiencies, progesterone and day 21, normal progesterone, miscarriage, progesterone and miscarriage, d&c, low progesterone and clomid, and my personal favorite, should i switch doctors [does anyone else ever ask google a question like you're bffs?]
  • unrelated to the topic, i also found: oozing spots on dogs [remy was sick.  ew.], superhero with white body suit [no idea why that was there], plural versus possessive with name ending in z [if you have info on this, please tell] and how much is too much peanut butter [i don't know if i was searching this for me or for remy].
screen shot of the odd 'superhero' search
just take a second to look back at some of your google searches.  they might make you laugh.  ........or make you feel like a total wack-job.

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