oh and one more thing...

so thoughtful | a friend left me a little surprise after the baby shower.  she very sneakily put it on my dresser with a little card that said, "dwell in hope...i thought of you when i saw this".  so sweet.  made me cry [good tears].  thanks, kate.

i've gotten lots of great feedback about the blog and lots of people have reached out and offered their prayers and thoughtful words.  i've been able to keep in touch with family [far and wide] so much easier.  i love it.

oh and just one other thing... the summer days are flying by, but also crawling at the same time.  it seems that i'm living my life in 28 day cycles [or 34...or 30, depending on the month], which makes time crawwwwwl.  but yet my summer vacation is ticking away so quickly...how does that happen?  school is back in session august 15th and i'm going back on the 3rd to get my cloffice ready.  i do miss the kiddos though....[sigh] bitter sweet.

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