making.a.menz in the making

actually anxious as i type.  but that's me, anxious.

i've been interested in blogging for a while, but never really found the time or the purpose.  with this summer off, i've had a lot of time to dwell on think about my latest life happenings.  a dear friend suggested that i journal.  i 1) couldn't bring myself to spend $14.50 on a journal [which had to be cute, obviously] and 2) barely have the drive to sit down and read so i concluded that writing in a journal wouldn't be feasible.  idle hands, for me, are not the devil's playground [the term "devil's playground" is relative].  idle hands, for me, leave me alone with my thoughts.  and my thoughts can get the best of me.  so, there i was, thinking in the shower...and it hit me!  i was just ready to do it.  inspired by stranger's blog, a friend's blessings the strength of an acquaintance and a little young.house.love [and that's just to name a few]...i just decided to do it.  so here goes nothing.  

please take some time to read how i came up with the blog's name and a little bit about me [and jake].


  1. Love it :) remember your book Freshman year "When Life Gives You Lemons..." wasn't that the title?

  2. yep that sure was the title. and that was 7th grade, tricia!

  3. Oh woops! For some reason I thought it was in Mrs. Salant's (sp.?) class. She loved you.


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