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a recipe some friends asked about | i'm no betty crocker but i'm learning.  i like easy recipes...with very few steps and ingredients.  here is just one of them, for now...

basic chicken salad | i got this recipe from a custodian at my school, but i've varied it a bit.  items i've added are marked with an asterisk.  somehow hers always tastes better than mine.  but mine is improving.  and i don't really measure, so there are no measurements :)

what you need:
...chicken breasts
...1 golden delicious apple
...almond slivers*
...kraft olive oil and cracked pepper* mayo [her recipe does not specifically call for this, but i have found that it is perfect!]
...salt and pepper to taste
...i think it would be great with red onion or grapes, but i haven't done that yet

what you do:
i always slow cook the chicken in a crock pot* for about 5-6 hours in a mixture of chicken stock and beer [busch to be exact].  this makes for super tender chicken!  basically, cook it until it falls apart easily.  while chicken is cooling, dice your apple and chop your celery [make it as chunky as you'd like].  add mayo and apples/celery to chicken.  add almond slivers.  add salt and pepper to taste!  and that's it. 

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  1. Making this for school lunch. Thanks for posting. It was DELICIOUS.


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