dinner alone at a banquet table.

picture this | quiet house- just a little nancy grace on in the background.  no hubby or dog.  no couches.  just two round banquet tables where my furniture usually sits.  a mess on the counter and...me, sitting alone eating qdoba at the banquet table.  all that was missing, was candles [right, marge?].   this is my friday night.

why?  so myself and two other friends are throwing a baby shower for a gal pal [marge] on sunday to celebrate her little bean, crosby.  i pretty much kicked jake out of the house all weekend so i could make a mess.  he always gets very anxious when i'm baking or cooking or making a mess.  ps- he's one of those people who uses, like, one pan to cook and the whole mess from cooking is cleaned up before you even sit down to eat [we compliment one another perfectly]i digress. so this shower...i've pretty much been preparing for a month now.  the theme is "cute as a button"...
[invitations by blue healer designs, by audrey...pic doesn't do justice to these 
adorable creations] 
...and i'm just having too much fun with all the decorations.  i've been crafting most of them so that's been keeping me busy on these summer days off.  [stay tuned for pics of shower].  so that's why i sat alone at a banquet table for dinner.  since the hubs was leaving town, we had to get the "shower scene" ready thursday night [jake loved me for having to move the couches, which involved taking off the legs and also scratching the door frame].  can't wait for all the gal pals to be here sunday...minus a few prairie dogs :(

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  1. I am so excited for tomorrow, I can't wait to see what you 3 creative gals have mastered up. I know it will be fabulous! Thanks for eating all alone at a round banquet table for me, such good friends.


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