i hate needles | like i said...it feels like i live my life by cycle days.  it makes time go by so s.l.o.w.l.y.  but, here we are again at cd21 and i have my 3rd round of bloodwork today to check progesterone levels and ov.  i'm really hoping this provides us with some answers and we get a treatment plan going from here...if the levels call for one.  i can't imagine my progesterone levels will go from 6.6 one month to somewhere in the normal range the next, but who knows.  i've started on b6, which might help regulate hormones.  we'll see. 

i guess i took it for granted that i always had clockwork-like cycles.  28 days, on the dot...set your watch to me.  i figured it would be easy to get pregnant [granted 6 months isn't too long...that's average] and i didn't think a m/c would happen to me.  i would never have thought i'd have hormone levels in the single digits and i'd be checking off the days on my calendar and celebrating the next cd.  [side note:  my sister has crazy hormones as well...is this genetic?].  on a positive note, i know i can get pregnant...which brings me great comfort!  the phlebotomist asked me if we need the results "stat" and then corrected herself by saying, "oh, no this isn't hcg...just progesterone" and i wanted to say, "ya but could you just put that in as stat...that would be great!" ...but i didn't.  so now, we wait....

on another note | i bought out best teacher supply today.  i'm such a geek because all of this stuff makes me so excited [kind of].  i'm planning to do one bulletin board that says, "our speech and language is poppin'" and i'm going to write the different speech sounds and different parts of language on the popcorn kernels and then on another bulletin board i'm doing an owl theme with something like, "whoooo are mrs. menz' friends?" ...and each kiddo will write a bit about themselves on the owls that will be perched in the tree.  this makes for a good first few days/rapport building activity.  the colored paper is for a huge project i'm taking on to make some hanging decorative balls.  these, but on a much larger and more colorful scale.  the little red bird guys are concept cards.  if you know anything about a language impaired kiddo, you know they struggle big time with temporal, spatial and sequential concepts...so i found these.  the little bird guy is in different positions in, on, around, above, below, etc. the clouds.  too handy!  and since i spent a ton certain amount...i got a free desk calendar, which i need!  bonus!

happy cd21 to you...or whatever cd it may be :)  lol...

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  1. I missed this post. You found the silver lining that day....TEACHER SUPPLIES! Eeeekkkkkkk! I <3 you!


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