do it yourself

much to jake's dismay, i didn't work this summer.  so i've been the one with the "honey-do" lists.  i've been ironing jake's work clothes, keeping the house clean, watering the lawn during these scorching missouri months and, lately, taking poor remy lou to the vet.  somewhere in there i've found a little pool time  :)  just a little.

but i've also found some time of a few diy projects and here are some of them:

i originally heard this quote as part of a song that you may have seen on youtube.  the father/daughter duo is insanely precious [watch her say, "one day i'm gonna whistle?"].  it's actually a song by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros.  anyway, i loved the quote then saw it in a painting on pinterest...so i copied!  that's just a canvas, some stencil letters and paint.

got the idea to make my own burlap table runner from a blogger [i can't remember who; i'd love to give credit].  i bought the burlap at hobby lobby for $5.99 and ended up having so much leftover that i was able to make lots of things for the cute as a button shower i threw.  i had no idea how many colors burlap comes in.  i opted for natural burlap color, but maybe down the road...

this was a rainy day thing.  i had the houndstooth card-stock.  i found the letters at hobby lobby on clearance for $1.  i like the idea of decor with scrabble letters, but i didn't want to use my game pieces or purchase another game to use them.  but now that i think about it, i bet someone sells just the letters.  oh well.  this was my rainy day variation.

i didn't do this over the summer.  this was an earlier diy.  but i thought i'd share.  it's card stock and black twine.  frames from ikea.  it took me some time to get over the fact that it says "hers" first and then "his" [not sure why], but i also couldn't put "his" on my side and "hers" on his side, nor could we switch spots in bed, so...this is what i ended up with :)  my sister.in.law did something very cool over her bed with the same frames, involving her weddings vows and pictures.  love the frames.

i also made a few "special date framed calendars" for myself and a friend in order to pay homage to some important dates.  you can see mine here if you scroll all the way down.

and finally, check out what my friend at blue heeler designs made me.  we also saw this on pinterest and i loved it.  she replicated it for me!  [someday i hope to be able to link the words blue heeler designs to this blog...come on, aud!].  i can't wait to print it, frame it and find the perfect place for it!
i hope to get one last diy complete before school starts.  and that is a homemade headboard for my guest bedroom.  i've been scoping out fabric and other ideas on pinterest, but i don't know exactly what i want to do yet.  i also have grand ideas to make some neat things for my cloffice before school starts.  we shall see!


  1. Im coming over and taking craft lessons from you

  2. I've always loved that quote {Love Lives Cozy Here} too...Hummmm...I WANT it even more now!!!! I've been on the lookout for stuff that could personalize this house for just the two of us and make it inspirational too {with lots of harmony and PEACE}. I'm on this "cozy kick"...

  3. What size frames did you use for the his/hers??


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