h is for hudson

my sister.in.law, tara, is pregnant with her first little turkey...
due thanksgiving day!

my mother.in.law, tara's aunt, marissa (from paige's paradise), our sister.in.law, denise, and i threw her a shower at my house.

we didn't exactly have a theme, but it kind of ended up being...
h is for hudson.

the color scheme was taken from the nursery.
invites by my other s.i.l., sarah.  cute, right?
this greeted our guests.  paper mache 'h' from joann's, diy paint job.
and how cute is he? (ps, marge, this was your balloon)
diy banner.
card stock + paint + ribbon
tissue balls [in nursery colors...too cute, huh?]
little 'h' onesie cookies.
made by "the cookie lady", sue.  if you live in the area, i recommend! only $5/doz.
diaper cake by my step.mom, beth.
diaper cake topper.
a last minute centerpiece.
we sprinkled some baby photos of tara and adam around.
bring a book in lieu of a card to start baby's book collection.
super fun sixlets.
me, s.i.l. denise, marissa (tara's bff), tara and m.i.l.
she's such a sweet person.  love you, tara...
if you've read my short story, then you know just how close in due dates tara and i were.  i can't help but get frowny when i think about sitting in our kitchen and the amount of excitement in the air when we told tara and adam we were expecting too.  and how happy it made me to know we'd have too little cousins almost exactly the same age...who would, no doubt, be close.  that we'd have each other to go through every up, down and around of our pregnancies.  
and in those moments, i pray for patience and dwell in hope that god's got a plan 
even better than the first one.  
undoubtedly, our family will have a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving. 
{ jake and i are so excited to meet our first nephew.}


  1. I love to book/card idea. I had seen someone do that before & can't wait to try it!

  2. Glad I got to see the balloon, stupid wind. ADORABLE shower, love the colors, decor, all of it! Great job girls!

  3. loved every minute of it s.i.l.! you are the best and thanks for all you do! We truly can't wait for you to have a little one! I know Hudson being on the way has to be hard and not a day goes by that I don't think about it and you! Love you to pieces!


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