kids say the darndest things.

oh dear.

today, in a language group, we were writing vocab words that belonged 
in different categories.

the category was "things that are stinky".

and this is what one 3rd grader wrote...

when i asked him why he wrote such a bad word, he proceeded to tell me, "you know that song that says, you know you like to think your sh*t doesn't stink?...that's why..because it's not true.  it does stink".

my oh my.  did we have a chat.

i also had a student yesterday who came to me so so so excited and said, "mrs. menz, my mom said i get to have an ipod touch when we win the lottery!!!"  i didn't have the heart to tell him the odds are stacked against him.  funny sad, because i had a student say something along these lines last year when talking about visiting disney world. 


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