what a funny word that is | superstition.

like wearing your lucky undies for a big interview.  or having a feeling a special guy is coming your way because you had a dream about...i don't know...a featherless chicken [ok that's off the wall, but you get my point].

is the writing really on the wall, like mr. stevie wonder says? 

been thinking a lot about it lately because i feel like little superstitious tid-bits keep flying my way.  i mean, what's in a dream?  does anyone ever have dreams that come true?  like, regularly?  and do we people in reading the future, people?  i don't know.

here are a few of those superstitious little snippets that have come across my desk:
  • a friend had a dream that i was having a boy
  • another friend had a dream i was having twins and that she went to the ultrasound with me
  • another friend had a dream that i was found out i was pregnant at 20 weeks [yikes]
  • a coworker, who predicted my 1st pregnancy...down to when i would announce it (which i never actually got to do), has told me i would be pregnant by thanksgiving.  this, coming from her "fortune telling" aunt who knows my story.  the aunt who made a living off telling fortunes, reading tarot cards and palms. 
  • i had a fortune cookie tell me, "your focus will be on family in the coming months".  this, i received on the heels of another fortune cookie that said, "shift your focus to your family this year".
are you superstitious?  i just don't know.  i think the little "glass half empty" side of me is telling me not to get my hopes up.  

but, on the other hand...

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