the two week wait.

[or 2ww in the infertility world]

welp.  i used an opk and also charted and we were go for launch riiiiight on day 14.

jake wasn't out of town this time, so that was a plus...if you know what i mean.

i'm back to taking the prometrium, which makes me sleep amazingly [bonus].

and now.......we wait.

it's times like these when my mom's words ring in my head..."patience is a virtue".  patience ...and deep breathing.

it will happen.

p.s. i threw a baby shower for my sister in law at my house this last weekend.  you can see some pics here at paige's paradise, but i plan to do a post soon!  hudson is due on thanksgiving day.  our first nephew!



  1. Lots of prayers for a sticky baby. I also hope the next two weeks FLY by!

  2. Praying for great news. I know the wait has to feel so long. So if it happens will you share on here since you are sharing so much about your fertility on the blog already. (Or text your friends) when you wrote about Hudson coming soon....it made me smile. Obviously love the name

  3. Good luck!! I hope it's your month!

  4. I have been keeping you in my prayers. Sending good vibes your way that these next two weeks fly by and it's your month!!

  5. Praying for you! And I LOVE the name Hudson if you didnt already know :)


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