where were you?

senior year of hs.  newspaper class with mrs. salant.

no one made an announcement.  somehow, the word just spread.

i was supposed to go to the community college because i was dual enrolled.  it was canceled. campus closed.

after "college" i was supposed to go to work.  mall closed.

so instead, i sat at home asking my dad a million questions.  kind of like when i was little and it would be storming...and i would seek for reassurance that it would all be ok.  this was so much bigger than that.

my dad is in aviation.  he pulled up a computer program of his that would show a little green dot for every plane in route superimposed over a map of the us.  he told me to watch.  i did...intently.  he didn't say why; just watch.  "there are about 2000 planes in the sky", he said.  suddenly, the little green dots started to disappear.  until e v e r y  l a s t  o n e was gone.  the whole sky, clear.  not one plane.  because who knew if they were safe.  who knew who had taken control over an aircraft with the intention of turning it into a soaring explosion meant to harm thousands of innocent americans. 

and, at some point, i remember thinking | in ten years, this will be one of those days when everyone says, "where were you".

tonight, i watched some amazing coverage from that day and the days following.  i've since read george bush's memoir, decision points.  makes you think.  makes you reflect.  makes you put your sorrow in perspective. 

i can't imagine.


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